About Us

Mission Statement

All Sorted Bookkeeping Solutions helps small businesses understand their financial position and accounting systems by maintaining an accurate and detailed bookkeeping system. We also train business owners to give them the confidence to manage their own finances. Our team are experienced, and we are all qualified as ICB members, BAS agents and MYOB approved bookkeepers. We will always be professional and maintain the confidentiality of our clients’ sensitive information. Our honesty and integrity surpasses any of our competitors.

We will ensure all taxation, insurance and legal obligations are met on time and the information is 100% accurate, allowing business owners to concentrate on growing their business while spending more time doing what they enjoy. Our clients are committed to growing their businesses through gaining more knowledge and expertise about their industry. We will be open and honest with them about their financial position with the help of outside consultants where necessary.

Our team will do all that they can to give our clients peace of mind about their finances and help them to grow their businesses through superior knowledge, efficiency and exceptional problem solving ability. We are dedicated completing clients’ work in a timely and accurate manner.

Natalie Laing

Natalie is a qualified bookkeeper, ICB member and Registered BAS Agent. Natalie joined All Sorted in March 2009. Through her vast experience in running small businesses, she has helped grow All Sorted to where it is today. Natalie focuses on assisting businesses keep track of their finances so the owners can focus on growing and developing their business.

We are all committed to providing a superior bookkeeping experience to our clients, ensuring accuracy, honesty and confidentiality.

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